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Human Resources Policy




Our Human Resources Policy


We are a Textile company which believes every single worker is a valuable asset, so that every single investment in human resources define our future. With this mindset, we aim to make our workers in love with this company, embrace the corporate values and friendships and channeling these positive emotions to work with passion and love. That’s the reason we create difference and pull young talents to our company in Denizli.


Our specified Human Resources Policy are as following;

Our corporate performance is up to the knowledge and experience of our happy workers who values what they create.

We choose our workers, who are <with desire to improve one’s self> and try to;


  1. Provide them with educational and progressive materials,
  2. Fair payment and income systems based on performance,
  3. Performance feed-backs and accordingly, honorary reward systems and managing these.

With these in our minds and hearts, we aim to be a tempting company.

This defines our Human Resources Policy.